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Halsey Street 101W/134 GH110866 — Halsey Street 101W/134 GH110866 (3 nights min)

DEFAULT: Bedroom 1 Queen

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One bedroom spacious air conditioned apartment, lots of space with a comfortable lounge including a Smart TV and Wifi, a fully equipped kitchen and separate, full laundry including a laundry tub. The lounge leads to a fantastic covered deck catching the morning sun, and immediate access to the residents' elevated water garden.

The bedroom has a king bed and a goo sized wardrobe. There is an fully tiled, luxurious bathroom with a large walk-in shower.

A secure carpark is included with this apartment.

You also have exclusive access to the building's 16 seat theatre, gym and business room. ll bookings must be made in advance.

A starter pack of bathroom and kitchen condiments are included, fresh linen and towels, with the apartment being serviced weekly. No smoking or e-ciagrettes in the apartment.

General Room Facilities

Full kitchen, bathroom with shower, laundry, King bed, TV, Unlimited Wi-Fi

Check-In Time

Between 2:00 pm and 11:30 pm

Check-Out Time

10:00 am

Additional Information



Address:     Apartment 101W, 134 Halsey Street, North Entrance, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland

Carpark: 40 Basement

For your information, please note the following instructions:


To enter the apartment building by car on Madden Street, and first right down the lane

  • The entrance to the carpark is off Madden Street, if driving east-to-west (towards the CBD) the driveway lane is on your right behind the Central building.

  • Drive down the side of the building and the carpark entrance is on your left. Use the carpark remote to open the garage door. Drive in and go down the ramp.

  • Turn right at the bottom of the ramp, turn right two more times and go to the end of the car park and your carpark is on your right, number 40

  • As you exit your carpark on foot, the lift is at the opposite end of the car park lane and directly at the end of that lane, past some lockers on the right-hand side. Please note the rubbish room is up a stairway to your left as you approach the elevator.  The rubbish room is also accessible from the ground floor elevator lobby.

  • Use your swipe to enter and use the elevator. Take the elevator to level 1.

  • Exit the elevator and your apartment 101 is in on your right. Use the key on your set to open the door.

  • To exit the carpark, you do not need the remote. Just drive back the way you came through the ramp and the garage door, pause at the top of the exit ramp and the garage door will open automatically.


To enter the apartment building by foot

  • The pedestrian entrance for the apartment is off Halsey Street, take a left down Tiramarama Way, and look for the West entrance. Use the swipe on your set of keys to open the front door. Then use the swipe to take the elevator to the first floor.

  • Cleaning Weekly Servicingis done on the anniversary of the day of your arrival, the cleaners have their own access keys and will be there after 10am.  Beds are remade with freshly laundered/ironed linen, towels etc. are replenished. The bathroom is cleaned and the kitchen is given a wipe down. The apartment is dusted and floors vacuumed and/or washed. The balcony is swept/washed and windows where accessible are cleaned. We do not wash your dishes as all apartments have dishwashers for this purpose.  Please remove your rubbish daily to the dedicated areas within the complex.  Should you leave the apartment in an excessively dirty state you will be charged a departure surcharge.

  • Please note that the housekeeping teams are not based on site and should you turn them away when they arrive, a return surcharge of $65 will then apply.  However if you do wish to amend your housekeeping day please send us an email the day before and we will confirm the change.


Additional information for your apartment

  • All the recycling and normal rubbish bins are on the ground floor carpark area.

  • The television is a Smart TV and is connected to the Wi-Fi.

  • The apartment has central air-conditioning and heating. The controls for this are located on the wall as you walk into the apartment. Please turn this off when you leave the apartment as the system is very efficient and gets cold quickly. There is also an air circulation system which recycles new air into the apartment. The switch is on your left as you walk into the apartment. It’s a good idea to press this when you enter the apartment. The switch is on a timer and takes about 5 minutes to recycle the air.

  • There is a master switch for lighting located by the entrance door, to the right as you exit. Turning off this switch upon exit will turn off all the lights, saving electricity.  Switching this back on when you re-enter the apartment will turn on the lights as you left them prior to using the switch at exit.

  • Glass sliders on balcony. Sliders are very heavy due to sound and temperature insulation. Please don’t slam them.

  • It is recommended that dishwasher powder be used in the Dishwasher. Please wash dishes before checkout.

  • The laundry is in the cupboard on your left as you walk into the apartment.

  • There is underfloor heating in the bathroom. If you do turn this on, please ensure it’s turned off at the end of your stay.

  • The blinds in the bedroom are on manual pull cords – there are two layers on each, both are required for black out.

  • The curtains in the living room are in a pair – the blackout (closest to the glass) is on a pull cord located at the right hand side, the sheer uses a baton mounted on the left hand side.

  • There is a lockable gate at the bottom of the stairway leading from the balcony to the residents’ water garden.

  • The instructions for all appliances are in the top righthand drawer in the kitchen.

  • NO SMOKING inside the apartment please or anywhere within the complex.



  • Please be aware that Wynyard Central is a residential complex and respect your neighbours with regard to noise. Should the security guard be called to your apartment due to a complaint then you will be liable for this call out fee. We also have the right to evict due to breaking of body corporate rules.


Electricity: Included within your tenancy are the following: Water & Power: Electricity, to the value of $120 per month. Water to the value of $100.00 per month. Any excess to the above amounts will be charged against your credit card or invoiced to the tenant. Stays for less than a month will have charges prorated to a daily amount and then shared over then calculated/charge according to the length of stay.


Fire Evacuation Plan:

Please ensure that you know where the exit stairs are in relation to your apartment.  Ambulance/Fire/Police: DIAL 111


Please take the time to read the following information regarding Recycling and Waste processes at 132 Halsey.


Within your apartment, recycling/waste separating bins are provided in the kitchen area. One for non-recyclable waste, one for paper, one for plastic and glass and one for compostable material (no bones).


We have co-mingled recycling bins on site which can cater for the following materials…

  1. Glass bottles and glass jars

  2. Tin, steel and aluminium cans, including empty aerosols

  3. Plastic bottles from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry

  4. Clear plastic food containers

  5. Milk and juice cartons, including Tetra Pak ®cartons

  6. Paper, newspapers, magazines, advertising mail and envelopes

  7. Egg Cartons

  8. Please Rinse all containers


Any other type of plastic such as plastic bags, food trays, yoghurt pots, plastic film, and plant pots, cannot be recycled and should be placed in your non-recyclable rubbish bin - as well as items like children’s toys, unless they are in a good enough condition to reuse or send to a charity shop.


The Body Corporate is responsible for the central collection of general waste, recyclables and compostable material.  All waste is collected under contract to the Body Corporate by a waste management company.


Where to find the two rubbish/resource rooms:

  1. Known as the western resource room, Is located at the top of the car park ramp.

  2. Located on ground floor through the white doors in the hallway between central lobby and car park.



East Apartments Core A – Residents take their own separated general and recycling waste to the waste bi-chute located on each lobby floor of the core.

DO NOT PUT CARDBOARD OR POLYSTYRENE INTO THE CHUTE! Please take items that do not fit the chute door, directly to the rubbish room at the ground floor carpark.

East Apartments Core B & C – Residents will take their waste and recycling separately to the ground floor resource room bins found in the hallway between the white doors with port hole windows.

Western Apartment and Townhouse - Residents will take their waste and recycling separately to the ground floor carpark resource room bins.

Cardboard - to be taken by all occupants directly to waste storage areas. Please flatten, fold and place into cardboard bins provided.

Organic/Compost waste - to be taken by all occupants directly to waste storage areas and placed into the organics/compost bin.

Polystyrene is non-recyclable and is to be placed into the normal waste bins.

Your co-operation with good waste management will help ensure good presentation, ease of cleaning & maintenance and improved hygiene standards for our complex.


We trust you enjoy your stay. Should you have any urgent requests, please contact Quinovic Viaduct Property Management


Phone:  09-302 1458             Emergency contact number: 021 025 31717

Address: 10 Hobson Street, Auckland Central       Email:


Payment Policy

To confirm reservations the applicable tariff shall be paid in advance at the time of booking. The booking is not confirmed until a credit card has been lodged for security and the rent received. Should the booking period be longer than one month, payments can be paid monthly in advance upon agreement between the two parties. Payments made by credit card are subject to a bank surcharge of 3%.
All prices are quoted are in NZ dollars.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 30 days prior to arrival full refund.
Cancellation 7 days prior to arrival (2pm local time) 50% refund.
Cancellation less than 7 days in advance,no refund.
If you arrive and decide to leave early, the nights not used are not refundable.