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Victoria St Residences 904 (887) — Victoria St Residences 904 (887) (1 night min)

DEFAULT: Bedroom 1 Queen


Victoria St Residences 904 (887) — Victoria St Residences 904 (887) (2 nights min)

DEFAULT: Bedroom 1 Queen

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This apartment is located in the Ramada Victoria Street Residences. Located with in a short walk to Sky City and Tower and a 5 minute walk to Queen St. The amazing Viaduct and Waterfront are also a short walk away.

Apartment 904
This is a one bedroom privately serviced apartment with a balcony & great views to the Sky Tower and westward to the Harbour Bridge and Waitemata Harbour. TV & Wifi, & air conditioning are included. The kitchen is fully fitted out for you. The bed is a Queen. A carpark is included with this apartment.
A starter pack of bathroom and kitchen condiments are included, fresh linen and towels, with the apartment being serviced weekly.
No smoking or e-cigarettes are allowed in the apartment or on the balcony.

General Room Facilities

Full kitchen, bathroom with shower, laundry, King bed, TV, Unlimited Wi-Fi

Check-In Time

Between 3:00 pm and 11:30 pm

Check-Out Time

10:00 am

Additional Information

Welcome to Apartment 904, Ramada Victoria Hotel & Residences

Corner 147 Victoria Street West & 1 Graham Street, Auckland 1010


Welcome to your apartment whether you are a short or long term resident.  Please enjoy your apartment and be considerate to those around you.


Car park #5: Entrance off 1 Graham Street, swipe on your left to enter go down to level 2 - Car park #5. If you park in someone else’s carpark you will be towed at your expense. Enter the building thru the lift behind your car park.


Key Contacts: Building Manager Phone: 09 971 5000       Mobile: 021132 6562


Body Corporate Manager: Strictly Body Corporate Limited

P O Box 106 545, Auckland City AUCKLAND 1143, T: 09 368 5023, F: 09 638 5177, M: 0274 061987,

E: darrenv@sbcltd.co.nz


Entering the building from Victoria Street: There are two keys you need for the building. The plastic disc unlocks the main front doors. The metal key is for your apartment. These metal keys are on a security system and cannot be copied without permission. Contact Quinovic Viaduct emergency number 021025 31717 if you lock yourself out! There will be a call out fee of $65.00 plus GST during working hours, or $150.00 plus GST for afterhours, and weekends or holidays.

The Building Manager must have access to your apartment in case of emergency (such as fire or flood).

Note that throughout the year, access will also be required as part of the conditions for the BWOF and insurance purposes such as fire sprinkler checks. You will be notified in advance of these times.


Moving in: To protect the lift interior, there are covers that must be fitted before moving furniture. Please contact the Building Manager for assistance. If the front doors are propped open to facilitate moving goods in and out, someone must be in attendance at all times to avoid the security of the building being compromised. Additionally you must book a time as during peak traffic times (such as during the week)


Check out: THE CHECK OUT TIME IS 10 AM. Please drive out your car from the garage, park it on the street temporarily, then return back to the apartment and leave all keys and swipes on the kitchen bench and lock the door.


Weekly Servicing is done on the anniversary of the day of your arrival, the cleaners have their own access keys and will be there after 10am.  Beds are remade with freshly laundered/ironed linen, towels etc are replenished. The bathroom is cleaned and the kitchen is given a wipe down. The apartment is dusted and floors vacuumed and/or washed. The balcony is swept/washed and windows where accessible are cleaned. We do not wash your dishes as all apartments have dishwashers for this purpose.  Please remove your rubbish daily to the dedicated areas within the complex.  Should you leave the apartment in an excessively dirty state you will be charged a departure surcharge.


Please note that the housekeeping teams are not based on site and should you turn them away when they arrive, a return surcharge of $65 will then apply.  However if you do wish to amend your housekeeping day please send us an email the day before and we will confirm the change.


Gas, Water and Electricity: The building has centrally supplied gas and water although these utilities are on check meters to enable actual consumption to be recharged to you.

If you are on our serviced Rate water up to $100 per month, power up to $120.00 per month, are included in your weekly rental.

The building provides power for common areas such as foyer & hallway lighting and the lifts.

The Building Manager will have the ICP addresses. Please do not waste gas and water.


Air conditioning: Each apartment has a heat pump system installed that will require annual maintenance of the filters which will be co-ordinated by the Building Managers and Body Corporate Manager. Access will be required to your apartment at that time.


As a tenant: Any problems should first be referred to Quinovic Viaduct. You are obliged to abide by the Body Corporate rules and are responsible for your guests. A synopsis of these is attached but most of them are about common sense and courtesy to fellow neighbours.

The Building Manager will give you a form to complete, providing your contact details for emergencies or building maintenance requirements. On signing this form you are agreeing to abide by the Body Corporate Rules as set out in the attached synopsis. This is a requirement of everyone residing at Ramada Victoria.


Bicycles: Bicycles must be stored in the designated space. NOTE: No items are to be stored in the stairwells or blocking any common area exits.


Mail: Standard mail is delivered and sorted into individual boxes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday by a New Zealand Post “postie”. Priority mail is delivered daily.


Couriers: Please arrange delivery of courier parcels independently as there are no provisions for delivery to the building. Hotel receptions are NOT to be used as delivery points.


Noise: This is the source of the most conflict between neighbours! Please be considerate of the people living below you; there is noise transference from floor to floor. When you jump on your floor, it sounds like you are coming through the ceiling to your neighbours below! If you are having a party, it is a courtesy to advise your neighbours, especially those living below you. Also please be aware that when balcony doors are open, whilst you cannot see your neighbours, they are not far away. That loud stereo is only meters from their bedroom! (Note: this applies to anytime night or day and any noise complaints reported to the Building Manager will be followed up on. Noise Control will be contacted)


Parking: Apartments have designated parking. Please park only in your space(s). There is no visitor parking. Cars parked in non-designated spaces will be towed at the owner’s expense


Pets: You are not allowed pets in the building. Unless a certified guide, hearing or assistance dog.


Gym room: The gym is provided for the enjoyment of our residents only. Non-residents will be asked to leave. No children under the age of 12 are permitted. Those between the ages of 12 and 18 must be supervised by an adult. No glass or food is allowed in this area.


Rubbish and recycling: There are bins in the garage for rubbish. There are marked bins for recyclables, cardboard and other household rubbish. Please use the correct bin.

Please break down all cardboard boxes, including packing cases. The bins are collected regularly by a contractor. Non household items such as furniture or electronics are not permitted and fees will apply for non-compliance


Security: CCTV operates in common areas around the building. Please be aware of building security; it is one of the bonuses enjoyed by people living in apartments. Do not let anyone you do not know into the building, either by buzzing them in or by letting them follow you or your car into the building.


Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the public areas. This includes the lift, the lobby and the front porch immediately outside the front door. Please be considerate of your neighbours when smoking on the balcony – smoke may be drifting into their apartment


Tradespeople: You are responsible for engaging your own tradespeople, such as plumbers, electricians etc. Please be aware that they are only allowed to work in the building from 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. No work may take place at the weekend or on a public holiday without permission from the Body Corporate committee.


Window treatments: Please note that the Body Corporate reserves the right to approve the backing of any curtains, blinds or other window treatments that are visible from outside the building. The aim of this is to present a uniform appearance to the building. Note also that you are not permitted to hang clothing or other articles on the windows, balconies or outside of the building.


Window cleaning: The Body Corporate provides for exterior window cleaning once a year. This is done by a window cleaner abseiling down the building and you will be advised to lock windows at this time. This is for the exterior windows and not balcony ranchslider windows which are the responsibility of the occupier. Residents will be notified in advance. July 2019 6


Emergency Procedures: There are fire alarms on each floor. Please familiarise yourself of where they are. The emergency number for fire, police and ambulance in New Zealand is 111. Non-emergency is 105

In the event of a fire alarm, turn off all appliances then evacuate the building as quickly as possible via the stairwell. Do not use the lift. Assemble outside on the street until the all clear is given. Do not take any belongings with you.


Flooding: There is always the possibility of flooding in the building, from burst pipes or overflowing washing machines, baths or dishwashers. Please be aware that the drains in the floors do not prevent water from seeping into the apartment(s) below you. The owners / occupiers of the apartments which cause water damage may be liable for the damage, so please be careful to avoid water spillage wherever possible.

If water is coming into your apartment, try and contact the people in the apartment above you. Failing this, contact the Building Manager.


Synopsis of the Body Corporate Rules

All residents are required to comply with the Body Corporate Rules and compliance is an essential term of any tenancy agreement. A full copy of the rules may be obtained from the Landlord or the Body Corporate Manager.

Set out below are the most salient obligations:

In accordance with the Body Corporate Rules, the Resident shall:

  1. Not fail to observe the Body Corporate Rules or procure observance by guests and invitees;

  2. Not use the unit or permit the unit to be used for any purpose that may be illegal or injurious to the reputation of the building (Random Drug Dog detection visits may be undertaken in the common areas);

  3. Not make undue noise in or about any unit or the common property or in any way infringe upon the right of every resident to the quiet enjoyment of their unit;

  4. Not host any social gathering or play any musical instrument, television, radio, stereo or any other electronic device at excessive volume so as to interfere with, or cause annoyance to other occupiers of units at any time of the day or night;

  5. Not conduct any ‘Open Home’ or auction at the building when attempting to sell or lease a unit without prior permission;

  6. Not keep any animal.

  7. Not deposit any rubbish or surplus possessions or in any other way use the common property, including but not limited to pathways, lifts, drives, entranceways, corridors and stairways in such manner as to obstruct the use and enjoyment of it by other residents and their invitees;

  8. Not affix or display on any part of the outside of any unit any sign, notice or other object which may be visible from the street or the common property or in any way alter the external appearance of the building or unit without the prior consent of the Body Corporate;

  9. Not make additions or structural alterations to the unit or an accessory or in any way alter the elevation or external appearance or decoration without the consent of the Body Corporate.

  10. Not allow any tradesman to carry out work in the building outside the hours of 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (including public holidays) without the prior consent of the Body Corporate;

  11. Not allow any form of clothing, bedding or other articles to be hung from windows, balconies or on the outside of the unit;

  12. Not hang any window treatment other than curtains or blinds of a type approved by the committee;

  13. Not smoke or permit invitees to smoke in any common area;

  14. Not erect or fix any TV aerial, antenna or any other form of transmission sending or receiving device on the exterior of any unit or the building without first obtaining the written permission of the Body Corporate;

  15. Not waste power, water or gas;

  16. Not leave the unit or common entranceways inadequately secured at any time or give any access control key, card or device to another person without the permission of the landlord if you are a tenant;

  17. Not allow any unit to fall into a state of disrepair, neglect, become unsanitary or infested by vermin or insects;

  18. Not dispose of household rubbish and other waste in any way other than in properly secured and sealed rubbish bags deposited in the rubbish area in the basement carpark as designated from time to time by the Building Manager or Committee;

  19. Not throw or allow to fall any rubbish, refuse, cigarette litter, dust from the beating of any mat or carpet, liquid or other substances in the lifts, out of the windows or doors, down any staircase, from balconies or from the roof of the building;

  20. Not fail to immediately replace any broken glazing with glass of the same or better quality, the full cost of which is the responsibility of the unit owner;

  21. Not fail to advise the landlord or Building Manager of any blockage of pipes or inappropriately deposit any matter in any pipe or misuse the building plumbing in any way whatsoever;

  22. Not bring any dangerous substance to the building, create a fire hazard or do anything which may prejudice the terms of any policy of insurance held by the Body Corporate;

  23. Not move possessions into or out of the building upon commencement or termination of the tenancy without advising the Building Manager in advance so that the necessary protective screens can be installed in the lift;

  24. Not use the lift in any unsafe manner by loading it with items that are too heavy, by jumping in the lift car or by stopping the proper function of the lift doors;

  25. Not fail to observe all necessary and proper emergency evacuation procedures and generally co-operate with the Body Corporate in performing fire drills and any other such procedures;

  26. Not park, or permit others to park motor vehicles in any place other than the car parking space(s) designated for the unit.

July 2019 9


Please also note that:

  1. If you are a tenant, any matter requiring the consent of the Body Corporate is to be addressed to the Body Corporate Manager via the landlord or managing agent.

  2. The rules provide that the Body Corporate may enter a unit to repair, test or examine any services in or passing through the unit and to ensure that there is compliance with the Body Corporate rules.

  3. The Body Corporate has the right to recover all costs incurred including, but not limited to, repairs or cleaning resulting from negligence or wilful damage.

  4. The Building Manager has the right to recover all costs related but not limited to: Apartment Lock outs, noise control callouts and for addressing matters associated with excess rubbish at the rubbish collection points.


Should you have any urgent requests, please contact Quinovic Viaduct Property Management

Phone:  09-302 1458, Emergency contact number: 021 025 31717

Address: 10 Hobson Street, Auckland Central

Email: enquiries@quinovic-viaduct.co.nz

Enjoyed your stay? Feel free to review us on Google or on our Quinovic Viaduct Facebook page.




Payment Policy

To confirm reservations the applicable tariff shall be paid in advance at the time of booking. The booking is not confirmed until a credit card has been lodged for security and the rent received. Should the booking period be longer than one month, payments can be paid monthly in advance upon agreement between the two parties. Payments made by credit card are subject to a bank surcharge of 3%.
All prices are quoted are in NZ dollars.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 30 days prior to arrival full refund.
Cancellation 7 days prior to arrival (2pm local time) 50% refund.
Cancellation less than 7 days in advance,no refund.
If you arrive and decide to leave early, the nights not used are not refundable.